GDPR compliant <html> forms in 1 minute

As easy as creating a <form> and adding an action

<form action="{form_id}" method="post">
<label for="email">Your Email</label>
<input name="Email" id="email" type="email">
<button type="submit">Submit</button>
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Great DX – up and running in no time
  • Bring your own markup

No external dependencies

Works with every CMS, framework or no code platform out there – and of course also without any at all. JAM stack ready.

Safety first approach

End-to-End Encryption from User to burokrat and into your inbox.
Guaranteed Data Security for:

What you will need to navigate the legal maze

When signing up for a paid account we provide you with customizeable templates for your or your client’s data privacy statement – so you even get the legal stuff out the way in minutes.


One thing usually hard to come by with non-EU SaaS providers is a compliant Data Processing Agreement.

burokrat got you covered of course – we will get all the legal hurdles sorted before your form goes live.

Data privacy template

The other thing you will need is a section about form handling in your or your client’s Data Privacy Statement.

You can you our privacy agreement generator to get that done swiftly 🚀

Affordable and fair pricing

burokrat comes with a full featured development sandbox for free. Transparent usage based pricing for production forms. If you are already maxing out on those submissions let’s talk about a custom quota for your sizzling forms.

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All features at a glance

Here’s everything burokrat brings to the table in one neat overview at your convenience.

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